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Lisette Saavedra from Moxie Hair Extensions
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Hair Loss In Women?

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Creating gorgeous, fuller, top-of-the line human hair artistry and giving you the confidence to tackle your daily life with natural looking locks you don't have to fuss over is my passion here at Moxie.

The "hair-apy" I offer is about more than just creating a look for those desiring an answer to hair loss/damage/repair and or thinning. The one-on-one relationships I've built through time with my clients, the ability to provide a sanctuary away from the "noise" and offer you an hour plus to make it about "you" is just as important as the hair service itself.

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"I believe in taking one thing you're good at in life, and going the distance."

Moxie is committed to offering a less expensive, chic alternative to the only NO DAMAGE hair extensions on the market.

Using plastic coated nickel rings with a silicone lining to protect hair from breakage, the hair extension is applied, and the ring is then clamped shut. This is a painless, easily administered, easily removed, easy to maintain method with no damaging chemicals or braiding applied to the hair itself.

Come in and sip a glass of cava as we discuss color and texture matching, length and desired hairstyles as well as explaining methods and maintenance for your brand new start to beautiful, fuller hair.

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