About Lisette


A committed bohemian at heart, Lisette has hung her hat in many a city and donned many a hat. Through the years she's expressed her creative side with gigs as far ranging as visual merchandising, managing a fast-paced pilates studio to artisanal furniture making out of her garage-turned-work-space in Portland.

Upon returning to San Francisco five years back, intrigued, she responded to a hair extensionists need for an assistant. Soon, her year and a half as lead stylist for Goddess Hair Extensions proved to be intensely rewarding and educational. Under Goddess, Lisette learned and perfected the process of attaching hair prosthesis to the scalp through a method called "Hair Integration", as well as glue and micro-ring extension applications and removals. In that time, Lisette also assisted in dozens of hair extension trainings taught by Goddess in the bay area. By the time she decided to branch out on her own, Lisette had single-handedly organized and taught 2 salon trainings for her own company, Moxie, as well as achieving over "1,000 heads" of experience under her belt.

"Take one thing you're good at and run with it." was something she read once. That concept came to life one afternoon while working on a loyal client and a decision was made: to create and environment filled with laughter, creativity and ultimate discretion for women in need of some "hair-apy". To hone in one skill you enjoy and be excellent at it.

"Anyone can sell you a skill. In my time working with women I've learned that coming in and getting a hair style is about more than just looking good. Its my personal mission to provide an EXPERIENCE that is comfortable, relaxing, and ultimately empowering for my clients. I want it to be about them. I want to create an environment they look forward to returning to time and again, as well as helping them on the path to 'Getting their Moxie on'".