Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will people be able to tell I am wearing extensions?
    Here at Moxie, we don't apply the one-color-fits-all rule. Just as your hair is color blended to suit you, so are our rings color matched to your scalp for ultimate coverage. We custom place extensions in a manner that all rings are hidden and the hair naturally falls just as if its your own. We won't ever lie to you, though. Moxie cannot assume responsibility for sudden gusts of wind or other forces of nature causing a ring or two to show. Just note that should that happen, the general assumption will be that you have a bobby pin in your hair. It's our goal to have you walking out so stunning, no one will know the better. Promised.
  • Will micro-rings ruin my hair?
    No. Micro rings are the reason Moxie exists, and Moxie exists to create an alternative to damaging methods. Not only are micro rings a chemical-free, "pull-free" method, but we are sticklers about making sure there is a 60/40 distribution of hair in every extension applied. As in 60% of your hair to 40% extension hair is inserted into the ring, causing the root 0% damage and 0% pulling.
  • How long will the extensions last?
    Again, Moxie strives for ultimate honestly. Although the grade A Remy hair we supply has a general shelf-life of 8 months to 1 year, the truth of the matter is it will be up to you. The stress of daily stying, heat products and not coming in for regular maintenance appointments can greatly reduce the life-span of your hair. Great shampoo products and monthly treatments help, and we send you off with all that info after your first appointment. That said, here at Moxie the average re-do occurs every 8 months at half the cost of your initail extensions, which we think is a pretty good stat compared to our competitors.
  • Do you have a Cosmetology License?
    We are not required to have a license under Section 7316 D of the California State Cosmetology and Barbering Regulations, as long as we do not cut, color or use any glues or chemicals on your actual hair. That said, Lisette is working on acquiring her cosmetology license in the coming year as a means of getting her "Moxie on".
  • How do I sleep with my new hair?
    To every first-time client along with our monthly touch-ups, we always warn that the first few days may be slightly uncomfortable. The best way we've found (for those with long extensions) is to make two braids before bed as a way to prevent tangling, making sure ALWAYS STRAY from sleeping with wet hair. The slight discomfort can be easily remdied with a simple cup of calming tea, ibuprofen, or Moxie's favorite: a warm glass of port and some Billie Holiday on the Ipod.
  • Will I be able to comb and brush my hair with micro-rings?
    Yes please! We encourage you to brush your hair daily with a SOFT BRISTLE BRUSH as well as conditioning through the ends as a way of preventing tangling. Just don't go for a brush with hard bristles as they can get caught in your locs and pull them.
  • Can I style my extensions with blow dryers, flat irons or curling rods?
    Yes, have fun with it! The human hair we use is chosen so you can treat it as if its your own. Always consider that the longer and fuller you choose your extensions to be, the longer it may take to style them. That said, its our goal here to also allow you the freedom of having extension hair you don't have to fuss with. Given texture/color/length matching, we consult with you first and aspire to deliver the happy hair experience you seek.
  • Can I use hair color on my extensions?
    Absolutely! Though always keep in mind that over-treating extension hair, just as your own, over the course of time can result in damage.
  • Can the extensions fall out of my hair and what would be the cause?
    Its natural for 1-8 extensions to slip between touchups. This said, often you'll find that none of them fall between appointments. Either way, slipping can occur due to many factors. Although pretty tough cookies, the silicon lined rings will occasionally slip due to over-conditioning, over-pulling (by you, hopefully, with the wrong brush) or an over due need for a touch-up. Simply keep the extensions that fell and bring them back in during your next touchup. We'll simply re-apply them to your hair and send you on your merry way.